Who are we?

Our team consists of Guatemalan locals and is lead by Belgian owner Patrick Vercoutere. The company puts an emphasis on community-based tourism, employing local guides who are experts in leading tours in their home areas.  Through our work, we hope to benefit locally owned businesses by way of engaging local tour operators in the remote areas of Guatemala where local expertise is of great value.  Our criterion for selecting guides includes a broad knowledge in the fields such as anthropology, archaeology, history and first aid, as well as the ability to speak English. All hikes are guided by qualified members of CAMINANDO GUATEMALA & THE MOUNTAINEERING CLUB AND ASSOCIATION OF GUATEMALA. Safety is of course very important while hiking and is a top priority in our company. Our guides will always be equipped with radios, cell phones and emergency equipment and all our shuttle cars have GPS tracking system.



Our Strengths

• Belgian–Guatemalan management: A close relationship with leading tour operator in
Guatemala, Adrenalina Tours, with over 11 years of experience in the field.  
• Practical and theoretical knowledge of the field and of all the regions of Guatemala.
• A team of professional, local guides - English speaking and among the best in the country. Well-paid and constantly trained.
• A receptive agency of several major travel companies in Europe, Canada and U.S.A, a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism.
• An excellent network of providers of hotels, lodges, carriers, rural tourism initiatives, etc...