Carmelita Peten
December 16 to 22, 2012

Starting points
Quetzaltenango (BANCO INDUSTRIAL, in front of Parque Central, 4:00am)
Cuatro Caminos (gas station, 4:30am)
Los Encuentros (gas station, 5:30am)

Other options:
Linea Dorada from XELA at 4:30am with connection to Guatemala City Linea Dorada at 10:00am to Flores
Linea Dorada from XELA at 3:30pm with connection to Guatemala City Linea Dorada at 9:00pm to Flores (Q.100 discount)
Domestic Flight at 6:30am with TAG on and returning at 4:30pm with TAG (Flight cost USD $255)

Day 1 ( December 16, ): Depending on exit point / place & time.
Note: Punctuality is requested.
6:00pm: Approximately arrive in Flores
Hotel room based on double or triple clean and basic accommodation with private bathroom
Not included: Food or beverages.

Day 2 ( December 17, )
7:30am: (wait at the airport for those arriving by air in airline TAG) Start the route of 83 kilometers from Flores to Carmelita, the last community settled for more than a century northwest of the Maya Biosphere
11:00am: Enter a unique adventure in the majestic virgin forest
3:00pm: Stop at the camp El Guacate with lunch included.
3:30pm: Leave for the archaeological site Tintal.
6:00pm: Arrive at Tintal and dinner included.
Not included: Breakfast, you should bring a snack (chocolates, fruit, energy bars for the middle of the day)

Day 3 ( December 18, )
6:15am: Breakfast, included.
7:00am: Leave for the break area "El Zompopero".
10:00am: Arrive at "Zompopero" where you receive refreshments, included.
1:00pm: Arrive at the archaeological site "La Muerta" where we eat lunch, included.
An hour and a half later we are finally at the El Mirador site where the temple El Tigre to see the sunset (weather permitting).

Day 4 (December 19)
Watch the sunrise for those who wish to participate. A tour of the archaeological site(including snacks) in the morning. La Danta and other structures in the evening followed by watching the sunset. It's a quiet day where you can relax and interact with the other participants in a very different environment.

Day 5 & 6 ( December 20 and 21)
Note: It is not the end of the world.
Breakfast included and start the return to Carmelita in two days on the same path as days 2 and 3. Arrive at approximately 1:00pm for lunch in Carmelita (included). Immediately after, we head to Flores where we bathe and change clothes at a local hotel (there are some rooms available) before you leave.
6:00pm: Return to Guatemala City and later to Quetzaltenango.

Not included: Dinner and breakfast, but we will stop at a local restaurant.
The places where we end the day, they are the same: Tikal Futura, Los Encuentros, Cuatro Caminos or Quetzaltenango's Central Park. Overnight on the bus, it is suggested to prepare for your comfort and sleep.

Day 7 ( December 22 )
6:00am: Guatemala City.
9:00am: Los Encuentros.
10:30am: Cuatro Caminos.
11:15am: Parque Central, Quetzaltenango.
No food is included today.

• 5 nights accommodation: 1 night in a hotel in Flores and 4 nights of camping (tents, hammocks, mosquito nets, and blankets).
• All food during the hike, 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners, pure water.
• Travel under the program with a community guide from Carmelita, in Spanish language, authorized by INGUAT.
• Mules to carry food, luggage, water and other tools for the trip. No mules for participants, only the above mentioned..
• Trained cooks with assistants, porters responsible for the mules, first aid kit.
• Transportation in a Toyota Coaster or Hyundai Country, with a maximum of 27 people.

Not included:
Food that is not on the hike, alcoholic drinks, mules for people, guide in another language other than Spanish, and tips.

Cool pants (no jeans), long-sleeved shirts or blouses in light colors, raincoat, lightweight but strong shoes or boots, repellent against ticks, hat, binoculars, flashlight with extra batteries, water bottle, backpack small to wear during the walk, soft socks (at least to change every day), camera, knife, plastic bags to put your dry clothes in your backpack (in case of rain), personal medications.

The company SERVICIOS TURISTICOS CENTRO AMERICA S.A. is not responsible for situations that result in personal injury due to extreme activity (during the walk).

Notify family about the trip and give the number for emergencies 5308-1489.

THERE ARE NO FORMS OF COMMUNICATION during FOUR DAYS (from Day 2 at 10:00am until Day 6 at approximately 3:00pm). There are not telephone, internet, or radio signals.

See the Registration Form and more information